Loading Error Solved Full Method In Protocol GSM Sim Receivers.

                                      Hello Friends in this post I am going to share with you full solution for those Protocol GSM Sim Receivers which are stands on Loading Error during upgrading wrong software or electricity failure during upgrade. We can repair all Protocol Receivers which Board number is
1506G 2018 GSM v1.1. Please download file from given link blow and put in Formatted USB. And follow to Video carefully and don't miss any step.

Download Software For Loading Error For All Protocol Receivers Board Number 1506g 2018 GSM v 1.1


Watch this video and don't miss any step till the end.


Aslam o alaikum sir kya ap bta skte h is vdo me jo download from ts ka ap seting kahan se kr rhe h usb to bad me lgate h phr upgrad k option ata h us se pehle wali seting ka btayen k kse ayegi mera rcvr on n ho rha